Jerry, Eddy, the Mets Family and Me (the Real me)

March 5, 2014


                    Something interesting happened today. Singer/Performer/Music Icon Eddy Grant followed me on Twitter. This followed an exchange I had with “Mets Family” after I made a really silly attempt (screen shot posted above) to get attention from the famous comedian Jerry Seinfeld. I cannot be sure […]

Buffer Brings Social Media Basics to Business

December 24, 2013


When Guy Kawasaki takes note of something, I typically will take the time to re-tweet it. Other apps have existed to help people using social media, but when Buffer emerged on my radar screen of late I had to take pause to see how well it might really work. I will teach two sections of […]

Worth Reading. Please Recycle.

November 12, 2013


Here’s an excellent blog post making the case for cause related marketing at my expense, partly. I am honored to be criticized and what a great conversation for our historical moment. I think the argument Laura Ferry makes is also valid. My original short post came to mind during a visit to a Kohl’s a […]

You Tube for Real Estate Developers

October 18, 2013


Here’s some insight into why real estate community developers might benefit from creating very good video content about their communities that is less promotional and more newsworthy.

My Del Webb Las Vegas Days: Golf Musings that “Hardly a Man is Now Alive Who Remembers”

August 1, 2013


From time to time it can be fun to reflect on whatever small difference I may have made on my surroundings or in the places I used to live. Sometimes people get their names on buildings when they donate money, or in tribute after they pass away. This quick diversion to Las Vegas reminds me […]

October 3, 2012


At one point, I did have and maintain the domain name: — but I have since changed it to Kyle F. Reinson to avoid any confusion with my adolescent cousin Kyle (same last name). Connect with me on LinkedIn. This is my only blog (I am on Twitter @reinsoncreative), although I have created many […]

About the Author

June 21, 2013


A frequent source for online, print and broadcast news media venues (just Google him), Kyle has worked in public affairs and public relations at two NYSE companies since 1998, and has hired and coached outstanding employees and counseled senior executives. He’s also worked on the agency side of the public relations business and is known […]


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